The Candle
The Candle

The Candle


The word is a flame burning in a dark glass. — Sheila Watson 

The Ash No. 001 Candle is a divine specimen, a future relic, an unearthed talisman that teeters in the in-between — the ethereal space between light and dark, electricity and mineral, the stoic gaze and the slow dance. With notes of opulent damask rose and supple nutmeg, carrot seed and amber spice, it's the midnight market with its overturned cardamom sacks, the brass-throated Second Line parade, the sea-side ruin, dolorous with caperberries — and the scent you remember from our hotels' lobbies, corridors and cold marble bathtubs. Burn to be transported.

The smoked glass vessel is hand-made in India to resemble a cut section of a Doric column. 

Use as a vase or giant rocks glass after burning. 


XL 16 oz Candle with 80+ hour burn time. 


This product utilizes hand cast glass and natural clay so slight variations in color and shape should be expected and are the nature of this bespoke product. 


An Ash Souvenirs® production. 

    • Top: Nutmeg, Carrot Seed, White Amber Heart: Clove, Cinnamon, Damask Rose Base: Vetiver, Patchouli, Tobacco Leaf
    • 5" D x 5.75" H (including candle base) Hand-blown smoked glass vessel, clay base. Made in India. Burn time: 80+ hours. XL 16 Oz
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